Tiny Flower Fairy Doll – Ooak Sad Fairy

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Ooak tiny flower fairy doll with magic wings. Woodland Fairy Miniature. Handmade and unique.

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“Have you ever seen a fairy? Did you know they do not like to be seen directly? They are afraid that you will discover them. However, they let themselves be seen from time to time for a few seconds. Maybe in the perimeter of your vision and when you turn around, they hide! Or perhaps they camouflage themselves like this flower fairy. The next time you feel that someone is looking at you and you do not see anyone, don’t be afraid It is a Fairy!”

This flower fairy is about 4 inches long. Her face is sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints. His eyes are glass with purple resin. Her body is made of a wire armature, batting, gauze, and fabrics. She is dressed in silk flower petals. Her hair is polyester and acrylic wool. Her wings are made of resin and pigments that glow in the dark and have a shimmer effect in light.

The doll arms and legs can be posed and move with care.

People often ask me why my fairies are not happy. And the answer is this: Most people don’t care for the environment, so most fairies are sad or scared of people. Fairies are nature’s protectors which is why you will rarely find a happy fairy in the Garmilla forest.

The item is intended only for adult collectors and some very careful children.
(Just one fairy for this listing)
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Weight 35 g
Dimensions 30.4 × 15.2 × 15.2 cm


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